Naturopathic Consultation Services

Bridget Wood, ND
Nationally Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Specializing in Natural Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Metabolic Testing, Nutrition, Safe Detox Strategies, Pregnancy & Fertility, Natural Protocols to Eliminate Parasitic Infections, Rehab After Cancer, Recovery from Chronic/Degenerative Illnesses, Anti-Aging Strategies, and Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

NEW CLIENT INITIAL CONSULT - Initial ND Consult (90 min)               $95
    Includes Reams or Oxidative Stress Test
ND CONSULT - In Office (60-75 min)                                                             $75
    Testing & Products Sold Separately
ND Consult - By Phone  (Up to 60 min)                                                       $45

New Member Detox Scanning - (2-4 hrs)                                                   Free
    (Detox Club Membership Required Prior to Scanning)
    Detox Scanning (After first scan)                                                             $50/hr
    Detox Club Membership (1xFee)                                                              $300
    Detox Club Add-On Membership (1xFee)                                              $150

Reams Metabolic Test (30 min)                                                                    $45
    Analysis of Urine & Saliva After 2 Hr Fasting
Oxidative Stress Test (15 min)                                                                       $45
    Breathalyzer Test after 30 Min Fasting          

Customized & Classical Homeopathic Remedies, Liquid Non-Alcoholic Herbal Remedies, Natural Nutritional Supplements, Digestive System, Parasitic and Heavy Metal Detox Protocols, Scientifically Proven Anti-Aging Supplements Available.

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