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Protandim nrf2 – Lowers Oxidative Stress by 40% in 30 days.
Protandim NRF1 – Boosts Mitochondrial Function.
Axio Smart Energy Drinks         
PhysIQ Smart Weight Management
True Science Skin Care - Coming Soon
Petandim – For Dogs - Coming Soon

LifeVantage is a burgeoning science-based nutraceutical company dedicated to helping people achieve healthy living through a combination of scientifically validated products, also offering an attractive business opportunity.  Their products and manufacturing process is FDA regulated, and they have continually set the gold standard within the nutraceutical industry for product quality control.

LifeVantage developed the first to market, scientifically proven, and patented nrf2 activator, called Protandim.  You can find published peer reviewed medical research on this synergistic natural product by searching on its brand name, in NIH’s library of online Peer Reviewed Medical Research – or since this product is an FDA regulated nutraceutical, that has been scientifically proven to reduce “oxidative stress by an average of 40% in just 30 days in all humans and mammals”, you can find research about “nrf2 activation” or “oxidative stress” and any medical condition, by typing both into the search bar.  You can find more information about nrf2 activation on  

Nature Sunshine - Herbal & Nutritional Products

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Call Order Sales (800) 453-1422 or Customer Svc (800) 223-8225
Customer Service Hours: 6am - 6pm MT
Ask to set up a New Member Account under:  "Bridget Wood ND, Sponsor #970185"

To Qualify for Wholesale Pricing
you will need to place an order for a  minimum of $40 of product at wholesale cost.  Monthly orders can also be setup.  The company sells an excellent Product Reference Guide for $10 that we recommend to all our clients interested in their product line.  Ask for a FREE Product Price List.

We offer Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) Premium Herbal, Nutritional, Cleanse, and Vegetarian Meal Replacement Products.  This company offers a wide variety of dry herbal extracts and even Chinese Traditional Medicine blends in dried herbal form.  Clients may choose to purchase Nature’s Sunshine products at retail prices directly from our office, or may elect to take advantage of their wholesale pricing option by using us as their Sponsor and establishing their own New Member Account by calling the company directly.  Once their member account has been established they can manage it online if they prefer accessing their website via:  NSP products are sourced, manufactured and tested against the most rigorous quality standards, and their efficacy is backed by scientific research.

Limited Edition Herbs - Liquid Herbal Products

Nutritional Resources has been producing high-quality Limited Edition herbal extracts for many years. Their unique process of manufacturing these liquid herbs using a glycerin base preserves the integrity and the concentration of the herbs while providing a pleasingly sweet taste.

Their liquid herbal extracts are alcohol-free and safe for kids, and those avoiding all alcohol related products. The liquid composition of these products allows for quicker assimilation and is readily absorbed by the body. We trust the integrity of this long standing family owned business, and the quality of their liquid herbal extracts have been proven effective by the experience of many of our clients who praise their efficacy. We sell their line of liquid herbal products directly to our clients on a retail basis.

Enzyme Research Products - Enzyme Products

This company is known for its high quality and variety of digestive enzyme products.   For More Information About Their Products:

A Natural Difference - Natural Skin Care Products

This company, headed by Christine Cowheard, is considered a leading pioneer of technology and innovation in professional skin care industry.  They have been first to market with many innovations, such as fruit based enzyme peels, eye lift serum formulated using cobra venom, chiral A retinol products. 

Their products are considered Best In Class in the much more competitive European Skin Care Market, such that they are sold exclusively by the top rated esthetic clinics in major markets.  These products are all natural, very effective and yummy to the client’s senses.  This is a professional line of skin care products, and our Master Esthetician has over 3,000 hours of training, and more than 15 years experience.  She will recommend products for facial clients that best suit their skin needs throughout the year.  We sell these products Retail from our Wellness Center.