Arrive at Awakenings Wellness Center for a soothing massage or a luxurious facial…  leave with so much more.

  • See your skin glow after our European-Trained Master Esthetician performs your customized facial with lifting & lymph drainage massage included to prevent inflammation.
  • Gain a better understanding of your skin and what it indicates about your overall health.
  • World Class A Natural Difference (A.N.D.) advanced skin care professional products are featured in all of our facial.
  • All of our Advanced Skin Care Products are available for sale in a variety of affordable and easy-to-use Starter Kits.


At your first facial visit our Master Esthetician will analyze your skin to determine which techniques, products, or technology will be used during your customized facial treatment. Afterward she will recommend a skin care regimen appropriate for your skin type and conditions which can be used daily to improve the health and appearance of your skin overtime. Each approach is gentle, safe, and its effectiveness is supported by scientific evidence.


Ultrasound Deep Pore Cleansing  Microcurrents Muscle Stimulation
Pumpkin, Cranberry, Zest Orange, Cherryberry Ezymatic PeelsRejuvenating, Soothing, Hydrating, Revitalizing Facial Masks
Glycolic PeelsAcne Treatment
Retinol Chiral A PeelRosacia Treatment
Cabernet PeelDiscoloration Correction
MicrodermabrasionLymph Drainage Massage
Oxygen TreatmentLifting Massage
LED Light TherapyPersonalized Skin Care Recommendations


 Introductory Spa Facial (90 min)
This is the only facial offered to first time facial clients, and includes a detailed skin analysis, current skin care product evaluation, and a fully customized Spa Facial. We invite new clients to try out our World Class Esthetic Services at this discounted price in order to learn how our experienced esthetician will work with you to improve the health and quality of your skin.                    
Price: $100        Available to NEW FACIAL CLIENTS ONLY
Luxury Europen Style Spa Facial (90 min)
This fully customized Spa Facial includes an A Natural Difference Enzymatic Peel appropriate for your unique skin type and condition, a gentle Ultrasound deep pore cleansing, face and neck MLD massage, a High Frequency treatment, and a masque followed by a moisturizing skin treatment.  
Price:  $120        PREPAID SERIES of 6 to 10 treatments Available.
Corrective Treatment Facial (90-100 min)
This is a fully customized Luxury Spa Facial with ONE additional corrective procedure added to treat a particular skin condition or problem area. The added treatment may consist of a stronger enzymatic peel, the application of Chiral-A (Retinol), or an additional Discoloration or Oxygen treatment.                                          

Anti-Aging Treatment Facial (120 min)

This is our most advanced Facial treatment.  It is a fully customized Corrective Facial Treatment with a Micro-current Therapy, Microdermabrasion procedure, or an LED Light Therapy treatment added.